Classical X Over 4U is delighted to have worked with a number of charities including:

Babygrow Appeal – When the joy of a new baby is replaced with fear for their survival we want the very best facilities for the babies and their parents as they embark on their roller-coaster journey of care that may take months to reach a “happy ending”.

Iridaceae Foundation – works to ensure that everyone receives at least a basic education and learns how to read and write.  The charity also runs an anti-bullying campaign and in 2017 will be launching programmes to support people with disabilities [icluding mental illness].  The Iridaceae Foundation is a major implementation partner of the Teach the World project.  To find out more about this project and to make a donation please visit the project’s crowdfunding page.  To view a video on how the classical-crossover community is support this project and how you can as well click here.  On the 8th April Jan and soprano Rachael Russell with be taking on Velocity – the longest zip wire in Europe and the fastest in the world [reaching speeds of up to 100mph] in support of the Teach the World project.  To sponsor Jan and Rachael click here.

Mr HMS Pancreatic Cancer Awareness -dedicated to the late Mr Harold Martin Swindells (Mr HMS), who sadly passed away on 12th October 2014 with Pancreatic Cancer.

North Wales Dragons – the football team making a difference by raising funds and awareness of different charities.


Snowdonia 3 Day Challenge – both the Iridaceae Foundation and the North Wales dragons are partner charities for the first ever Snowdonia 3 Day challenge being held from the 30th June to the 2nd July.