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Join me LIVE Classical X Over 4U in collaboration with Iridacreae Foundation every Sunday from the Calon FM Studios in Wrexham 12pm – 2pm#FM #Online #mobileapp #Digital

Jan takes you on a 2 hour journey of Classical Music and interviews with artists from all over the world.  Click here to view photos from some of Jan’s recent interviews and promotional work for her show.


This show has grown in popularity, and attracts listeners from all over the globe. The show is interactive on Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram [you can follow the show on social media using the icons on the right of the page].  It is often referred to as a platform for up and coming artists to be heard and promoted.

Where would my show be without Social Media Awareness?

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If you have any questions about the show or you would like to hear a particular artist featured on an upcoming show please contact us.